Live Fish

To stock a pond in Utah you need to know the following information:

 - The pond must have a screened inlet and a screened outlet sufficient to keep the size of fish being stocked from escaping.

- Depending on the location of the pond and the species of trout, sterile trout may be required. 

- A Certificate of Registration(COR) is required to transport live aquatic animals in the the state of Utah. 

- Sterile Trout Can be transported without a (COR)

- All warm water fish require a COR. 

- DWR regulations can be found on their web site under: Private Fish Pond Rules


Diploid Rainbow Trout and Sterile Rainbow Trout:

$.30 per inch up to 11 inches.

 12 inches and above $6.00 per pound

Trophy fish 2 pounds and bigger $8.00 per pound

Albino Rainbow trout are also available. Very limited in sterile albino Rainbow trout

 Bonneville Cutthroat Trout
$1.00 per inch up to 11 inches
12 inches & Bigger $10.00 per pound 

We can haul up to 1500 lbs of fish at a time. 

With all stockings a $1.50 per mile one way deliver charge applies.

Please contact Robert Judd:
Farm Mobile: (801)369-7177